LeanBPI launches digital fitness check for small businesses

LeanBPI launches digital fitness check for small businesses

LeanBPI launches digital fitness check for small businesses

LIMERICK, 28th May 2024: LeanBPI, the Irish digital growth consultancy for SMEs and microenterprises, today announces the launch of its Digital Readiness Assessment – a personal digital readiness assessment for microenterprise leaders in Ireland. By providing this measurement, LeanBPI will help microenterprises to understand their current capabilities and guide them in adopting appropriate digital technologies. 

This will enhance the competitiveness of Ireland’s microenterprises; help ensure their survival in the digital age and open up new revenue streams. In doing so, it provides a vital service to the country’s economy, which is highly reliant on microenterprises.


LeanBPI is partnering with a number of Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) on the rollout of the Digital Readiness Assessment, including those in Tipperary, Offaly, Mayo, Longford, Leitrim and Cavan, with promising take-up across other counties. Collectively, microenterprises employ 28% of the workforce and contribute 16% to Ireland’s Gross Value Added (GVA). However, due to their size, microenterprises often lack the in-house skills and budgets required for digital transformation. 

Minister for Business, Employment and Retail, Ms Emer Higgins, T.D., said, “I’m delighted to welcome LeanBPI’s new digital fitness test. As a Limerick-based digital growth consultancy, working with our Local Enterprise Offices, they play a crucial role in assessing the digital readiness of microenterprises across Ireland. Given that small businesses employing up to nine people make up more than 90% of our business sector, their growth is essential for the Irish economy. 

“It’s encouraging to see real-world impact already, such as the experience by the Tipperary-based Crossogue Preserves through digital transformation. Initiatives like this are vital for helping small businesses capitalise on technological opportunities, digitise and modernise effectively. These companies are the heart of our communities, and their success is vital to our economy.”

John O’Shanahan, managing director, LeanBPI said:
“Microenterprises make up far more of our national workforce and contribute far more to our economy than people are aware of, but many of them are not realising their full potential due to a lack of digital systems. By helping small businesses to make the most of the opportunities presented by technology, we are modernising microenterprises across Ireland and helping them – and our economy – to flourish.” 

The Limerick-based company is working with LEOs across the country and conducting digital readiness assessments, which provide a clear evaluation of the digital readiness of decision-makers in microenterprises. LeanBPI’s appraisal determines a readiness level ranging from high to low, while also assessing a number of key factors – such as optimism, innovation, discomfort and insecurity – relating to businesses’ approach to digital, change and growth. This allows LeanBPI to also provide microenterprises with their digital readiness profile, ranging from ‘Explorer’ to ‘Avoider’. This tailored analysis enables appropriate, actionable plans which will guide microenterprises in effectively integrating digital tools and strategies into their operations.

LeanBPI has been helping microenterprises and SMEs in Ireland to implement digital systems for more than a decade and has a technical team capable of deep customisation to meet the needs of its customers. 

Crossogue Preserves 

Tipperary-based Crossogue Preserves sells a comprehensive range of more than 250 products from its shop and website, while also providing a wholesale service to hoteliers, as well as a large number of artisan shops and delicatessens. Veronica Molloy founded the nine-person family business and runs it alongside her son, Mark, and his wife, Jennifer. Last year, the company was struggling with an overload of paperwork, manual stocktaking and waste management. To address this issue, Crossogue began working with LeanBPI through its LEO last year and has seen significant benefits since improving its digital capabilities. 

The comprehensive digital inventory management system created by LeanBPI, which gives Crossogue’s team oversight on the expiration dates and stock levels of all of its products, has allowed the company to streamline production and online sales, while also vastly reducing waste.  An annual stocktake, which previously took two of its nine staff two weeks to complete every January, has now been rendered redundant. The system instead enables continuous monitoring and assessment throughout the year. The digital transformation has also allowed for future planning, with Crossogue targeting more direct sales through its online business, facilitated by LeanBPI’s digital solution. 

Veronica Molloy, owner and founder, Crossogue Preserves, said: “The difference between before and after we started working with John and the team in LeanBPI is night and day. The amount of stocktaking, paperwork, and waste management that was being done by hand was immense and very labour-intensive. With over 250 products, some of which are on a two-year production cycle, having systems to simplify this and help our staff make the most of their time has been invaluable.” 

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